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Important Notice for Prospective Development Teams:
We wish to inform potential collaborators that there are outstanding matters pending resolution between nxtCRE corp. and the previous development team as of November, 8, 2023
Additionally, it is pertinent to note that intellectual property rights concerning existing software  are held by their respective owner(s) and cannot be legally replicated without proper authorization. Due diligence is strongly recommended to ensure compliance with intellectual property laws and contractual agreements.

A place to find the
‘Holy Grail’ of Investors
for your CRE deals!

The dominant force in the CRE market today is a constantly replenishing army of 70k investors who are reinvesting their equity to acquire ~$400B of CRE properties..

They are sitting on mountains of cash from recent closings.
They have a very short window to reinvest.
They are motivated to buy the right property—or invest in CRE opportunity—right now.

You know them as 1031 exchange investors. They’re every CRE sellers’ dream.

We call them MBI—“Must-Buy Investors.”

"It’s not a listing service. It’s not a market-place. But it's the only platform I’ve ever seen for matching CRE sellers with lender-verified 1031 exchange investors."

Jose Maria “Chepe” Serrano
Past president, CCIM Florida

"Our exclusive partnership with nxtCRE allows us to offer our borrowers efficient, one-of-kind custom matching opportunities for their upcoming equity reinvestment needs."

Our lender partners provide nxtCRE an exclusive access to their borrower’s reinvestment needs, but that’s just part of it.

Our lenders verify the type of property, desired location, amount of available equity, price range and number of days to their borrowers ‘must-reinvest’ selection deadlines.

So, if you’re selling a CRE or seeking equity investors, you’ll want nxtCRE’s lender verified ‘Must-Buy investors. They come pre-qualified.

"Posting my listings for free on a site stocked with motivated investors is a no-brainer. Then getting automatically matched with ones I can pick and choose is a huge advantage."

It’s easy to see why CRE sellers call nxtCRE their “Holy Grail.”

You can anonymously upload any CRE offering- on market, off-market, investment, creative offerings- confidentially and for free. We save you marketing time, cost and effort because you only see the MBI whose equity and timing match your needs. You pick the matches you want to connect with. You’re always in control. And you’re way more efficient.

"Any developer seeking equity for their development or acquisition, instantly understands the value of having an efficient access to MBI. They have their cash, they have built in motivation, and they must make an investment decision now."

Any ready CRE development or CRE ready acquisitions, especially DST, TIC, OZ, can benefit from our exclusive advanced access to our lender verified MBI.

There is no delay in qualifying the investors or making the connection. List your offer for free on our platform and watch the custom matched Must Buy Investors (MBI) show up on your dashboard. You choose the ones who look right to you, and we make the connection for you. It’s quick, efficient and totally confidential.

“Three takeaways you can’t forget:
nxtCRE is’s confidential…and it’s the only platform that quickly matches and connects you with MBI.”
- Adam Sharif, nxtCRE Founder

Our exclusive partnerships with top lenders and servicers across the country makes our  lender-verified MBI profiles invaluable to CRE sellers. 

And because we are not a listing service, we’re able to keep profiles, matches, and connections strictly confidential.
Welcome to nxtCRE…where lender verified MBI and sellers/equity seekers are efficiently matched…nxtCRE, your equity solution..

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