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"Our exclusive partnership with nxtCRE allows us to offer our borrowers efficient, one-of-kind custom matching opportunities for their upcoming equity reinvestment needs."

Our lender partners increase borrower retention, open an untapped source to originate new loans and add a 100% new net income stream.

Line-of-sight: Do you have visibility into your borrowers’ upcoming reinvestment and funding needs?

75% of your CRE loans are paid off due to a sale of underlying property


65% of those will reinvest cash to buy another property and will need acquisition funding

See how it works

Power of Partnership with nxtCRE

  • Maintain line-of-sight on your borrowers’ needs
  • Get 100% new income stream
  • Increase borrower retention
  • Add new borrowers
  • Open untapped source for new originations
  • Private, confidential and anonymous

There is no cost or risk to you or your borrowers

“Three takeaways you can’t forget:
nxtCRE is’s confidential…and it’s the only platform that quickly matches and connects you with MBI.”
- Adam Sharif, nxtCRE Founder

Our exclusive partnerships with top lenders and servicers across the country makes our  lender-verified MBI profiles invaluable to CRE sellers. 

And because we are not a listing service, we’re able to keep profiles, matches, and connections strictly confidential.
Welcome to nxtCRE…where lender verified MBI and sellers/equity seekers are efficiently matched…nxtCRE, your equity solution..

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