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Fast, Easy & Efficient.

There is no need to search and there is nothing to browse.
We quickly and automatically match Must Buy Investors with curated properties. Everyone gets exactly what they need.

Must-Buy Investors
Via their lender, Must-Buy Investors (MBI) post a profile of their investment needs on our platform. Their profile is anonymous and confidential. They are alerted automatically when
matched properties have been found.
CRE Sellers
Via registration on our website, CRE sellers post listings for free. They then receive a report of matched MBI on their dashboard and can choose which they wish to contact. We make the connection.

Here’s what sellers see when they have a match:

Each time a listed property is matched with MBI who are seeking that specific type of property, this “seller’s dashboard” shows all lender-verified MBI matches, their available equity and their selection deadline.

Based on the profile of each match shown, the seller can choose to submit their listing or not. When a match is submitted to a MBI, that MBI is notified, reviews the property and then chooses to connect with the seller or not. MBI privacy is protected until they accept a match. Property listings are confidential until a match is made.

Matches are kept current and updated to your dashboard automatically, as our lender partners feed a steady stream of new MBI to our platform, so listings are always coming before fresh eyes.

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