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We’ve just unlocked a
$400 billion CRE market.
Would you like the keys?

Year after year, the dominant force in the CRE market is a constantly replenishing army of 70k+ investors who generate the majority of all acquisitions .

They are sitting on stacks of hot money from recent closings.
They have a very short window to reinvest all that money.
They are intensely motivated to buy the right property, right now.

They’re known as 1031 exchange investors. And they’re every CRE sellers’ dream. If only they knew where to find them.
We know. And we know in advance.

We call them MBI — “Must Buy Investors.”

"Maybe the best website I’ve ever seen for matching CRE sellers with hot 1031 exchange investors. It’s smooth, quick, efficient and confidential. My life as a broker just got easier."

Jose Maria “Chepe” Serrano
Past president, CCIM Florida Chapter
Past chairman, Miami Assoc. of Realtors

"As a lender, our exclusive partnership with nxtCRE allows us to offer customers about to enter a 1031 exchange a one-of-kind service that allows them to capitalize on custom-matched property offers."

Our lender partners are typically the first to know when their borrowers will enter a 1031 exchange.

Only these lenders are able to offer nxtCRE’s matching service, but that’s just the beginning.

In addition to building customer goodwill and retention, nxtCRE partnership opens up new lines of business, replenishes customer pipelines and delivers an important new revenue stream from an unexpected source.

"When a recent sale made me a 'hot money investor', my lender stepped up and tipped me to nxtCRE's custom-matching platform. Within a few days, it produced 4 properties that exactly met all my criteria, I picked the deal I wanted — and I became a 'smart money investor.'"

Must Buy Investors know they need to buy smart and buy fast.

But finding the right 1031 exchange property in a fragmented and inefficient CRE market makes for a frustrating search and a lot of broker solicitations. When they sign on with nxtCRE, all the right choices come to them. They are in control And it costs them nothing.

"Posting my listings for free on a site stocked with motivated investors is a no-brainer. But getting automatically matched with ones I can pick and choose saves me time and puts the odds in my favor."

It’s easy to see why CRE sellers call nxtCRE their “Holy Grail.”

You can list anything — hot properties, off-market properties, private discounts, creative offers — confidentially and free. You only see the investors whose equity and timing  match your listings. You pick the matches you want to connect with. You are always in control. And you’re way more efficient.

“Three takeaways you can’t forget:
nxtCRE is’s easy…and it’s the only platform that matches and connects you with MBI.”
- Adam Sharif, nxtCRE Founder

Our exclusive partnerships with top lenders and servicers across the country allows us to build the largest data base of CRE borrowers about to become MBI — in advance.

Our lender-verified data and MBI profiles are invaluable to CRE sellers. Just as our custom-matched property listing are invaluable to 1031 exchange investors. And because we are not a listing service, all profiles ,matches and connections  are strictly confidential.

Welcome to nxtCRE…where CRE investors and sellers match…where the real money is.

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