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I see there is no fee to upload my listings. Is there a fee to me to register?

None at all. Registration and uploading unlimited listings is always free of charge.

If you don’t charge for registration or listings, how is nxtCRE compensated

At the successful closing on a sale resulting from an nxtCRE match, you pay a success fee of .75%. Ex. On a sale of $1 million, you pay $7,500. 

Can I browse the MBI profiles on the platform once I am registered

No. MBI profiles are anonymous and confidential. You will only see MBI who have been matched with your listing. Those you choose will then be contacted and given the option to accept connection.

Can MBI’s browse listings on the platform?

No. MBI’s only see listings for which they have been matched AND for which sellers have chosen them for connection.

Can I remove my property listings at any time ?


Does nxtCRE impose any closing deadlines?


How many MBI’s are on the platform? How many of those see my listings ?

The number of MBI’s on our platform will exceed over 70,000 a year. They will invest over $150B in equity and acquire over $400B of investment property. The number of MBI's who see each of your listings depends on how well you match their profiles.

How many listings are on the platform ?

Our listing partners will continuously upload tens of thousands of listings.

Why do I need to list my price? Who can see it?

We cannot match your listing to an MBI profile---which includes their preferred price range--without yours. No one but you can see your pricing. What you reveal to anyone else is up to you.

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