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Fintech Startup “nxtCRE” Launches Revolutionary Sales Platform for CRE

nxtCRE team unlocks $400B CRE market with unique early connection of most valuable investors and custom-matched offerings


MIAMI–(BUSINESS WIRE)–nxtCRE founder Adam Sharif and his team of CRE experts, financial insiders, and tech-marketing wizards have broken the code to what they call “Must Buy Investors”—also known as 1031 exchange investors— for early identification and efficient matching with CRE sellers and equity seekers.

“For lenders, an exclusive partnership with nxtCRE allows them to earn additive revenue and originate more loans; it’s a win-win.”

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According to Mr. Sharif, “Must Buy Investors (MBI) are sitting on mountains of cash from recent sales and have to reinvest in specific kinds of properties and price ranges within a very short window. Thanks to our exclusive partnerships with major lenders across the nation, we associate with MBI before they even enter the market.”

Ken Griggs, a nxtCRE founding team member and its lender liaison, said, “For lenders, an exclusive partnership with nxtCRE allows them to earn additive revenue and originate more loans; it’s a win-win.”

Julian Henkin, a nxtCRE founding team member, added, “We match MBI with the exact properties or offerings they want from sellers, funds seeking equity, or developers looking for investors. We grant sellers free listings on our nxtCRE platform, and like a smart dating site, match them with MBI. At which point the two parties can choose to come together—and it all happens within a few days.”

Vivianne Swietelsky, also a founding team member, offered, “Savvy brokers welcome the opportunity to upload listings for free to our platform, even their prized off-market listings, which are privacy-protected and only seen by investors they approve. We offer a value that the existing fee-based listing platforms can’t compete with; significant savings in time, effort and cost in finding matched investors.”

As Mr. Sharif stated, “The commercial real estate market is fragmented, opaque and inefficient. Buyers and sellers blindly search numerous online sites trying to find each other. For Must Buy Investors, the search process is worsened by tight windows and strict limitations. We now take the pressure off everyone by offering a process that is fast, smooth, transparent and easy.”

Miami-based nxtCRE began rolling out with the launch of their website and platform today, at


Rick Barrow, nxtCRE
m. 305.215.2133

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